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Even though we don’t have our products ready yet, you can put your name on our early-bird-lists to make sure that you will get great offers when launching and also get to buy your Heather or Scarlet before everyone else.

Scarlet – so Much More Than Just a Scarf


Scarlet is a scarf and so much more. Use her as a blanket during your flight, in your office or why not at the restaurant? You can even use her as a west under your jacket or as a poncho. Off course Scarlet is heated. No need to ever be frozen again!

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Heather – the Heated Portable Sitting Pad

Heather is a sitting pad with heating for bum and back. She is truly portable and easily stored in your handbag. Since the power comes via USB there will be no more need to find an electrical outlet or micro-wave.

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About I Heat You

When a local gynecologist, Alvarssons, asked our founder, Emma Hällström, if she could create a product that would keep women with urethritis warm she couldn’t resist the challenge and I Heat You was born.

Emma Finally Got Help With Her Urethritis

At that time Emma knew nothing about urethritis. But she thought that this product would be perfect for her as well, since she kept getting urinary infections. Or so she thought. When she learnt more and also had a discussion with the gynecologist, it was clear that she had urethritis.

Knowing how it is to live with urethritis, all the limitations it enforces upon you and also the distrust you often meet when seeking help and the shame speaking of such problems. She wanted to create a product easy to bring to meetings, in the car or for the Swedish “fika” (going out for coffee with friends). All those moments when you risk getting cold.

Products That Will Help You and Fit Your Lifestyle

In January 2016 we joined the quest of creating the perfect product. I Heat You shall be a natural part of women’s (and men’s) every day, have a beautiful design and you will feel natural bringing it wherever you go.

You won’t have to hide I Heat You – you will be proud.