We are working our, now warm, butts off to make production and launch of Heather™ possible. Make sure to put your name on our early-bird-list so you won’t miss the launch and our amazing launch offer.

Heather™ is a heated pad and helps women in need of extra heat in their day to day life. She has an innovative Swedish design to fit into your life and wardrobe.

Stay Warm – Always

Heather™ is powered via USB, enabling you to stay warm wherever you are – all you need is an USB-port like your laptop, powerbank or phone charger.

Super Portable

When on the move just fold your Heather™ together and bring her in your purse. Measuring only 20x20x4 cm, she easily fits.Remember to bring a power bank to avoid being cold by the sea or at the restaurant.

Kvinna sitter på Heather på en mur och ser ut över Visbys tak och havet.

Swedish Design And Slow Fashion

It’s a well known fact that Swedish design is classic and modern. Heather™ has an innovative design with classic Swedish lines – our products are made to last and survive trends coming and going.

How Heather™ Is Built

Infographic on how Heather is built. Between two layers of wool felt a thin fabric embroidered with silver threads is placed. The Heather is then sawn together to enable recycling. Seams are also sawn to make Heather foldable.

Feminist Innovation And Our Story

We started the work with Heather™ and I Heat You™ to find a solution for women suffering form urethritis (more info about urethritis here).

During our work we found out that there are quite many women suffering from other things that can be helped with extra heat. Like endometriosis, period cramps or back pains. (More about us and our story here.)

When we found out the reason why women are more likely to freeze at work, we got even more upset and became even more dedicated to find a way to help women all over the world.

The thing is that in the 60’s a group of people got together to decide the ideal temperature for workplace environments.  The thing is that they based it on middle aged average weight men. Since how different temperatures effects you depends on your metabolism, which in turn is effected by your gender and body type – this makes it more likely for women to freeze at work. (More about a study on the subject here.)

Tecknad kvinna i 60-talskläder som tänker "Hey! I'm freezing my butt off over here!"

I Want A Heather™

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