Let’s talk about menstrual stuff

Intimate hygiene period products

Did you know that today, May 28th, is Mantrual Hygiene Day? This is an annual awareness day initiated by WASH Unicef and aims to benefit menstrual persons all over the world. The date is not a coincidence, quite the opposite. 28 stands for the total length of  a 28 day long cycle and May, the fifth month, for 5 bleeding days.

It is a fact that a large part of the population have to put up with menstrual periods during quite a large part of their lives. Nothing to be ashamed of – at all. However, if I am going to be fully honest, I still sometimes feel ashamed. So, I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone and tell you a bit of my periods.

Not the normal cycle

I’ve understood that many women’s periods are on time all the time. How wonderful that must be!

In my case, my cycle can differ from 23 to 45 days and I’m bleeding for about 7 days. Sometimes it just skips a month, and I think that my record cycle is about 75 days. Yey!

This is almost always in November or December and after about 50 days I start to pee on different tests to see if I’m pregnant. If a negative result is good news or not has differed through the years.

I’m not sure if a regular cycle would have helped in my case, however I’m taken by surprise every single time that I get my period. Even though it’s been coming for over 20 years now.

Chain saw massacre

Day 2-4, sometimes already day 1, of my cycle is a blood bath. No wonder I get tired during this period. It would be interesting to figure out how much blood I lose every month.

The menstrual cup – a hallelujah moment

A couple of years ago I was introduced to the menstrual cup. Why oh why didn’t this life savior enter my life sooner? Before the menstrual cup I used to start leaking after an hour or two. Now I don’t have to worry any more. If it wasn’t for the terrible cramps I would probably forget that I was on my period.

Killing period cramps

I guess that I am not the only one that have been told on at least one occassion that “You’re not sick, you’re on your period”? Perhaps not, however when it feels like someone is trying to rip out your uterus or stabbing you in your back – is not the best time to point that out.

When I’m on my period, especially those massacre days, I prefer to work from home with heat on my tummy and back.

Heather – my latest hallelujah moment

Besides painkillers during these days I now have my Heather which is absolutly amazing. I either sit on her to get the heat on my back or place her against my tummy like a regular heated wheat pad. The best thing is that I don’t have to run to the microwave to heat her up all the time.

We are getting closer to launch, so put your name on the early bird list to get our launch offer! You’ll find the list here!


The towel life hack

Rainbow colored range of towels on white

A wild guess tells me that I might not be the only one trying to come as close to the mirror as possible when doing my make up. It might be due to my poor eyesight, however I’m not the only one suffering from that either.

Cold basins

The problem is that under the mirror, in perfect vagina level, you often can find a basin, . And basins are some how made of materials that accumulate cold. This can trigger your urethritis, just as you are on your way to work, to a party or what ever. Urethritis sucks at all occasions.

The towel life hack

For every problem there is at least one solution. What else is often found in the bathroom? Towels!

Fold a towel a couple of times and place it over the basin rim. This creates perfect isolation between you and the basin. No more urethritis due to make up routine!

Sugar and urethritis

Colorful candy and fruit jelly jujube on a pink background

I’ve avoided the discussion regarding diet and how it might effect urethritis. Mostly ’cause I’m so sick and tired of the fact that “everyone” seems to think that diet is the solution to everything from world peace to cancer. Also I don’t want to be a part of the body shaming going on, in any way. In general I find the war on carbs and sugar a “bit” exaggerated, just a bit.

Let’s establish that I do not believe that all evil comes from sugar. And also I am pretty convinced that different bodies react in different ways to different things. Also, sugar and candy in particular is yummy.

However, I want to share with you my recent experiences on how my urethritis react on sugar.

The relationship between my urethritis and sugar

During a few months, due to a number of reasons, I have kept a very strict diet due to a number of reasons. Sugar and carbs, my besties, have not been a part of my diet. At all. I know, poor me! During this time, I have made some exceptions. Staying away from sugar during holidays like Christmas and easter would just be… Let’s just not go there.

I truly wish this is where I could  tell you that sugar has no effect on my urethritis. However I can’t. I am sorry to inform you that with the sugar came my urethritis.

I firmly believe though that sugar is not the only reason that my urethritis was triggered during these events.

Keeping the routines

Even though my life as a startup founder sometimes seems to many to be far from normal, I have my routines. And when I’m not living my normal life, when on a trip, having a few days off and so on, all my routines fails.

Failing routines leads to me not drinking enough water and also in many cases failing to keep warm. Both are factors that triggers my urethritis.

With that said, I believe that sugar is not the only factor triggering my urethritis. However I can see that it in fact is triggering MY urethritis. Bummer, I love candy and my mother in-law makes the best cookies.

Life hack – water bottle

Plastic bottle of water near man, boy doing yoga on the beach at sunset , sunrise time. Yoga finger pose

That urethritis sucks is a fact. We are also aware of that the oh so dangerous cold that triggers urethritis can come as a surprise. Who manage to plan for every single situation? Well, al least not me.

You know that feeling of panic when you suddenly feel the cold reaching your lady parts, it can be when on the move traveling by train, at a restaurant, at the office and pretty much any where.  I have the perfect life hack for you! And it is something that you probably already have with you, or at least is easy to get hold of. Drumroll please… The water bottle!

The life hack you always have with you

Most of us has been carrying around a water bottle for the last 20 years or so. You have to stay hydrated! But little did we know, that is not the single purpose of the water bottle. The water bottle works perfect as a vagina warmer.

Just fill it up with hot water, hot enough to keep you warm but off course be careful not to get burned (I Heat You takes no responsibility of any burns…).  Place the bottle between your legs and tadaaa!

Sure it only works when sitting or lying down, but it works! And good enough as a quick fixer when in need.

May the fourth be with you

Mini Me dressed as Rey with the text May the fourth be with you

Why is a feminsitic company like us celebrating May the fourth – the kind of ironic Star Wars day?

Except the fact that we are working with products that could be taken from a sci fi movie, Star Wars have been pioners when it comes to strong female characters and super heroins. Or at least one…

Princess Leia

In the first generation (Episode IV-VI) we meet Leia. How awesome is she? She has a crucial part for the story, she is visible, she can fight, she has power, uses weapons and show her strength. Truly bad ass and crushing the norms of that time.

However, if Leia is suffering from urethritis, and we assume she does since it seems to be cold in space, she could need a Scarlet and a Heather. Espessially when Jabba the Hutt has taken her as a prisoner. Not sure of the climate on Tatooine, however her outfit looks cold if you ask me. I mean, Jabba is not drowning in sweat, even though he has quite a lot of body to carry around. I do confess that I am not up to date about the metabolism of hutters.

Rey beats the shit out of the norm

In the last generation, Leia has become general of the resistance, commanding and being the boss that she is. The action scenes have been left to the younger generation, at least when it comes to female characters. The new heroine is Rey. Love the fact that she isn’t the typical female heroine and acts more like the typical male hero. She is confident, independent and strong. Also loving the fact that she has a dark side.

Speaking of the dark side, finally all storm troopers ain’t male clones but soldiers from different genders. Me like. Not all women are good you know!

May the fourth, international Star Wars Day is truly a day worth celebrating by all of us, geeks or no geeks, dedicating our lives to creating a more equal world!

May the fourth be with you – and keep warm!

Looking for a heated textiles consultant

Cartoon silhuettes of female and male superheroes in sunset

Finally we have come so far on our way towards prototypes of Heather and Scarlet that we need to hire a consultant with loads of heated textile knowledge. Is it you or maybe someone that you know?

Since we got fundings earlier this year to produce prototypes of Heather and Scarlet. We have a deadline and therefore we need you as soon as possible.

What we are looking for

We are looking for someone that have all the knowledge in heated textiles that we don’t possess. In other words an expert!

During our work with the I Heat You products we have gathered some knowledge, but need someone that know more than us. We need you to look inte some technical solutions, help us to chose materials and manage some of the contacts with our producers.

We are on Gotland, but you don’t have to be here. You don’t even have to want to go here, even though we might find that a bit strange since everyone love Gotland. We love Skype and other solutions to make the world global.

We need you to have knowledge about:

  • Knitting with conductive materials – we will flat knit
  • E-broderie
  • Knowledge about different materials – both regarding conductive materials and how they work together with other materials
  • Heated textiles
  • Electricity and stuff – watt, volt, ampere, ohm… You name it…

(If you have contacts who can or maybe even you yourself can produce prototypes it would be great, but it is absolutely not a demand!)

This is I Heat You

I Heat You is revolutionizing the fashion industry by bringing in heated clothing into our day to day wardrobe. We create fashion to be used in the office, at home or at the pub for everyone that needs a bit of extra heating in their lives.

The I Heat You story got started with the goal to help women with urethritis. In Sweden only about half a million women suffer from this condition. Over time I Heat You has developed to something even greater.

We know that there are many conditions where heat is a great help, we also know that the normal temperature in offices are set to fit a middle aged man, since women and men don’t have the same metabolism women are more often feeling cold in the office.

The I Heat You team

The team involved in product development are an amazing bunch of people.

Emma Hällström – founder and CEO Femingo AB, only employee so far.

Amalia Ericsson – industrial designer, consultant, Innovation Gotland.

Sara Högblom – fashion designer, pattern and grading, consultant, Pattern & Grading.

Kim Ingesson – graphic designer, consultant, Kim Ingesson grafisk design.

What about Femingo

Femingo AB is a Swedish startup working with feministic innovation and communication.  I Heat You is our first truly huge project.

Are you ready to revolutionize the fashion industry with us?

Are you the one that we are looking for? Do you know anyone that can be our hero? Send us an email emma@femingo.se


October update – better late than never

Cupcake with sparkles

Wow! Time sure flies by when you’re having fun. And boy do we have fun. There’s a good reason to all the fun having as well. Drumroll please…

Fundings from Vinnova

Whoop whoop!!! In October we got a fantastic email telling us that we got our application for 300 000 SEK  granted. This will help us so much in the work to get our prototypes ready.

I Heat You is one out of 133 projects that got this fundings from Vinnova. It is the second time that Vinnova has this specific funding program and we are the first Gotland based company to be a part of this specific program.

It’s a true honor to get this support and to know that they believe this much in us. And off course the fundings is great in the situation where we are at.

Science Park Gotland

During October we have also started to work more close to  Science Park Gotland again. Being a part of an incubator is a great way to get some tips and support in developing all parts of the business. And also in the process going forward. We discuss pretty much everything. From where we are at the moment and any obstacles in our way, to planning years ahead and visioning about the future.

We have always had a close contact with Science Park. However it is great to be back to having a structured plan again on how we can work together to reach our goals.

In motion

As you might have noticed everything is in motion right now and we are focusing on getting those prototypes in place. A journey that has become much easier now when we have fundings in place.

We’re working our buts of to get different collaborations rolling. We promise to tell you more about those in our next monthly update.

Please help us and cross your fingers to everything moving in the right direction without to many detours and obstacles in our way!

PS! Since launch is actually getting closer and closer it is about time to sign up on our early bird lists to get great offers when we launch Heather and Scarlet!


Get to know your breasts – breast cancer month

Bildschema för hur du letar efter cancerknölar i dina bröst

I have close family that have suffered from breast cancer, fortunately they are heathy today. I have friends that have won the fight and friends and family whom are not longer with us.

To me it’s a survival strategy to check my breasts.


Genetic or not

Breast cancer can be genetic. And you can make a search to find those genes. However, in my case there’s not enough people that have suffered to give me the right to do this search.

Let’s just say it’s kind of frustrating to don’t know if I’m a genetic ticking bomb or not.

To find a knob in your breast

A few weeks ago I suddenly found it. A knob in my breast that wasn’t there before. Sunday night and nothing else to do than to wait and try to get some sleep. Easier said than done.

Most knobs that you find are nothing to worry about, but they should all be checked out by a doctor. Our breast will change over time, that’s just normal.

So I called the breast center in Visby and got an appointment to check my knob. Some squeezing later and some talk about cold hands that offcourse got me started talking about I Heat You, I was sent to mammography.

Mammography – a way to punish all women

How come there still is no better way than mammography to chech breast for breast cancer? It is pure torture if you ask me, roumer has it that some aren’t bothered at all.

Anyhow, I got undressed, got my breasts squashed and we took some extra frames just to be safe. Right after the mammography we did a ultra sound to be on the safe side.

Safe and cancer free

This time it turned out to be just a knob of fat, or my breast ”getting old”.

Knowing how hard it can be to live through something like breast cancer, my relief is endless.

I wish that some smart people keep the research going so that we can have better ways to examin our breasts in the future and also find genetic variations that puts some of us in more risk than others.

Until then – SQUEEZE! Get to know your breasts and give them a squeeze at least once a month.

September Update on Where We Are

En person sitter i bilen med fötterna på instrumentpanelen och läser en gammal karta


Time flies and even though I would prefer huge steps every single day, the work with I Heat You progresses all the time. This is what we currently work with.

Looking for Manufacturers

Main focus at the moment is to find a suiting manufacturer, in Europe. Since heated textiles is such a new area and since we want our products to be made in Europe, the number of possible partners is lower than you would hope for. And let’s just say that many of them could use some SEO on their websites.

We want to have a European manufacturer if possible due to insight of how the process goes and that everyone working with the production is treated right. But also from an environmental perspective to keep down transports.

We’ll keep on looking until we’ll find the perfect match!

Material testing

During the summer we got some samples on materials that we might use. With highly scientific methods we have now decided on how to move on.

In other words, we tried to sit on the material on the floor, in a couch and different chairs. Sometimes it doesn’t have to me more complicated than that!

Amalia sitting on the floor testing I Heat You material

Put your name on the early-bird-list

That was a quick update on where we are at the moment. Small steps are taking us closer to launch and remember to put your name on the early-bird-lists for Heather and/or Scarlet if you want to get a great early bird offer when it’s time to launch!

Fall Is Coming – And so Is The Urethritis

Redhead woman using smart phone

It’s getting impossible to deny that fall is coming to Gotland. I like the fall. No need to feel guilty when having a Netflix marathon and you almost have to fill any space with candles.

However, with the fall comes the cold. And with the cold comes the urethritis.

Both indoors and outside the cold sneaks up on us and gets us in trouble. So remember to stay warm. Snuggle up under a blanket, put those warm socks on and always use a jacket that covers your bum.